About Our Products

Classically Crafted, Responsibly Sourced

Our dedication to quality, longevity, and sustainability is reflected in the final product we ship to you, as well as the entire creation process, from sourcing to manufacture.

A Positive Impact: Leather from Regenerative Agriculture, Raising the Bar for What's Possible

We source our leather from White Oak Pastures, a leading regenerative Farm.  White Oak Pastures sends its hides to a tannery in New York, where the leather is drum-dyed, waxed, and milled.

Local Expertise: Products Made Proudly in the USA with Talented Small Manufacturers

Our leather belts are manufactured in New York City in the garment district by a family business that has been making high-end belts for over 30 years.  Our wallets are manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area by a small sewing and manufacturing business that has been operating for over 20 years.  We are dedicated to honoring resources and minimizing waste.  We work with our manufacturers to utilize all feasible components of our materials.  The result is an end product that is truly unique and that carries markings and blemishes characteristic of the natural process from which it was derived.