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Fairleather FAQs

We source all our leather from White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA. White Oak Pastures is a zero-waste farm, committed to the well-being of animals, and regenerative agriculture.

Regenerative is beyond sustainable. It means not only sustaining the earth, but regenerating it and improving it, from soil health, carbon sequestration, and animal welfare, to health and nutrition, biodiversity, and more.

Regenerative Agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that uses the power of nature to build healthy soil. Healthy soil, it turns out, has a richness of things like like carbon, microbiology, and water retention, meaning regenerative farming reverses climate change, improves nutrients, and makes farms more resilient to drought, floods, and fire.

More about Regenerative.

Yes! Some forward-thinking apparel brands, like Patagonia, have started to market regenerative apparel, including in this great video. Food producers are also starting to market regenerative food.

For the most part, however, people don’t know about regenerative products, and many people don’t pay enough attention to where their products come from.

That’s where we, as producers, and you, and consumers, come it. We are beginning to populate the markets for better transparency and regenerative products.


Sustainability scientists at Quantis prepared a study of the carbon footprint of livestock at White Oak Pastures in 2019, and what they found was surprising: net-negative emissions. The regenerative agricultural practices resulted in more carbon being naturally sequestered in the soil than being released by the cows. 

Although eye-opening and powerful, this finding risks detracting from the full potential of regenerative agriculture, which includes, but g oes well beyond mitigating climate change.

Read more about the study at White Oak Pastures .

Great question. 

We believe in a better future for everyone, including all the planet’s inhabitants, and we recognize the value in avoiding products that harm animals. In our view, the best paradigm to understand overall well-being is the regenerative versus industrial approach, that focuses on holistic impacts. 

Unfortunately, many of the products that are marketed as alternatives to animal products actually rely on industrial, status-quo approaches to farming and production, which result in widespread destruction of vital habitat for many animals.

In contrast, regenerative agriculture (including compassionate animal husbandry) presents an opportunity to restore ecological health and biodiversity, fostering a thriving, sustainable future for all.

Our belts are manufactured in the Garment District in Manhattan, and our wallets are manufactured in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are committed to minimizing waste and utilizing all available resources rather than discard perfectly usable material in favor of superficial uniformity. As a result, each piece we make has unique markings and blemishes. These are characteristic of the natural process from which it was derived, and add to the special quality, which will continue to develop with use.

You can return or exchange your unused item for any reason under our Zero Risk Policy .

We’re glad you noticed! Our goal is to minimize waste as responsibly as possible, while bringing you the product and experience you deserve. To that end, we aim to include essentials only in our packaging and presentation. Please let us know if you have feedback!

Yes! We update these FAQs regularly, but we want to be sure we get you whatever info you need. Please let us know how we can help!